Power Of The Little Things

Power Of The Little Things:

Glint in the eye that begins our story

Single cell that divides in two

First inhale that welcomes us in

First step that begins the dance

Spark that ignites the fire

Seed that contains the potential of it’s future generations

Taste that whets the appetite

Nod that signals ‘the time is now’

Note that begins the melody

Candle that lights the way in darkness

Word we need to hear

Sip of water that quenches our thirst

Sweater that gives us just enough warmth

Nudge to ‘go for it’

First stroke of pen upon paper

Flutter of the butterfly wing that becomes the hurricane

Last straw that says ‘enough is enough!’

Tear that releases the flow of all that is pent up

Gentle touch that soothes the soul

Smile that lifts the heart

Waft of lingering scent that reminds us of our love

Grain of sand that becomes the pearl

Small check that casts our vote

Perception of life, with room to grow

Last exhale, as we bid farewell.

~ Terri Lambert